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  • Dej + Giovanni

  • Sometimes when I'm at weddings I think about the moment when I'll be writing the blog post. I'll file tidbits and factoids away for hopefully writing an eloquent and heartfelt tribute to the couple accompanied by their wedding photos. I did a lot of that on Dej and Gio's wedding day. Ya see, everybo [...]
  • Katie and Will

  • Y'all ready to see something special? Will contacted me about two months before the proposal. His initial email made me so excited, he told me him and his girlfriend Katie wanted to get couples photos taken and they wanted me to take them. He then told me that he planned to propose to her during the [...]
  • Deana + Richard

  • Welcome to the wedding bluebonnets bloomed for this spring!! Deana and Richard got married in early April (the day before my 30th birthday actually), the skies were overcast but the bonnets were out in full force and we took full advantage. It was a lovely union with a lively wedding party and a bea [...]
  • Racella + Alex

  • Meet Racella and Alex everyone! They recently got hitched at Chapel Dulcinea and asked me to come along for the ride. I'm excited to share these gorgeous photos from their big day...come see :)     Congratulations to the happy couple, it was a gorgeous day and cer [...]
One last bluebonnet shoot for the books!
  • One last bluebonnet shoot for the books!

  • About a week and a half ago we had our last bluebonnet shoot of the season with a lovely family who lives right down the street from us. They're wonderful neighbors and obviously wonderful folks to photograph. So much fun was had and so many good photos were taken. Meet Rob, Missy, and Tr [...]
Bluebonnet Shoot for this Family of Three!
  • Bluebonnet Shoot for this Family of Three!

  • You've seen this family before (yes you have), we took their maternity photos back when Katrina still had a bun in the oven. They were in need of some bluebonnet photos this season.  So of course we said, "LET US TAKE THEM LET US TAKE THEM!" We had a ball with Keith, Katrina and Keller (per usual) a [...]
Bluebonnet Season is here!
  • Bluebonnet Season is here!

  • Last week Alex and I photographed one of our favorite families amongst Central Texas's finest blooms. Meet Katy, Trent, and their adorable baby boy Max! He's a goober and we got such a kick out of this little nugget discovering Bluebonnets for the first time. Such a beautiful, happy famil [...]